Specializing in Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam Engines.

Mike Jesse's 124" engine uses our custom domed pistons, cams, and headwork.


Tom Edwards' trike has a 124" engine with our heads and cams.


Dave Schmidt's bike has our headwork.

Dave's 124" engine runs an S&S 640 cam and G carb with our heads and makes 153 horsepower and 149 ft-lb.


Charlie T.'s bike runs a 103" with a gutted stock headpipe, mild headwork, 243 X cam and produces 103 horsepower and 118ft/lbs of torque.


Joe Doyle's bike runs the 561-1 bolt in camshafts and a set of CNC'd "187" heads on factory 103" pistons at a 10.3:1 compression ratio.

The cams and heads helped Joe make 107 horsepower and 114 ft-lbs of torque.


Dennis Rowe's cast piston 103" runs the JW Performance 187 heads, with a Kury 57mm throttle body, S&S 570 cams, and a Vance & Hines Pro Pipe.

Dennis' bike also has a killer tune done by Jason at C&S Speed Shop!

This customer's bike runs JW Performance heads, 611-3 cams, a 58mm SE throttle body, a 117 SE Bolt on kit with power duals and Cobra mufflers.

It also has another killer tune by Jason at C&S Speed Shop!

This customer's 103" engine runs S&S 570 Cams and true duals with Supertrapp mufflers. The heads and 58mm throttle body were done by JW Performance. Another kick-ass budget build!


Call us at (419) 651 - 1802 or send an email to support@jwperf.com for more information on building from mild to wild.